Beauty Lives

Mobile Application

Beauty Lives is a startup with a mission of keeping professional stylists and their clients connected.

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Project Objectives Beauty Lives

The objective was simple yet challenging at the same time - we were to create a new generation app that would set trends itself.

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Work Done Experience

We’ve run through the niche in search of competitors’ solutions in order to come up with a design that would stand out from existing options. We challenged ourselves to create an app that would become a trend-setter in beauty industry and followed this outline. Thanks to the prior research and analysis we managed to mix the beauty niche experience with related businesses. Also, our own ideas were implemented and a new generation product appeared.


Result Business

Unique app that allows users to create their own look, pick up right make-up, hairstyle and clothes to underline their fashion involvement and individual style. Tight deadlines didn’t spoil the flow, so the client was happy with timely designed and developed application which represented his business with dignity in the best way possible.

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