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Logo Catalogo, an international web catalog of logo designers, branding and identity specialists  — freelancers and studios.

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Project Objectives LogoCataLogo

The task was to imagine and create an ideal freelance job board. The criteria were simple yet challenging in many ways: this website must beat other, currently existing freelance platforms. It is to be both visually appealing and rich in useful functions for freelance contractors and their employers.

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Work Done Experience

We moved the app way by applying the mobile application layout logic to the full size digital talents marketplace. Ease of navigation, fast loading speed, fine interface - all that cool & juicy mobile app advantages needed to be implemented on a bigger scale. Falling into primitive forms or overloading the page with spare elements is ez, but keeping the design right between the two extremes - that’s what astrophysicists call a “habitable zone”.


Result Business

We created a product that allows hundreds of designers to find work within their range of skills, filter requests and results through multiple criteria configurations, perform everyday employed-person-activities, manage documents, deliver and store designs, showcase best works etc. The most valuable personal contact between the client and the vendor is kept private. And there’s a plenty of space for the community to thrive.

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