Rigel - an online store of teeth whitening strips. Your teeth turn white quickly.

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Our task for the project Rigel

Our task was to freshen website up and assist with redevelopment from WordPress to Laravel framework. We had to create modern website based on existing Rigel branding.

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Work we did Experience

We worked closely with client who was deeply involved in the entire process from web design to the implementation of marketing strategy. Working in such a collaborative way ensured quick reacting and adapting to his new ideas and business goals. For backend portion we have used PHP/Laravel framework due to its scalability and high performance. Besides redevelopment, we did integrations with Retail CRM, eCommerce fulfilment and payment integration.


Results Business

We've ensured that Rigel came across as leaders in their field, knowledgeable and frequented. Rigel turned into fully-functional multilingual website where users can purchase the products, user promo codes for discount, see the nearest points of purchases.

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