Application & Admin Panel

Mixit Cocktails is a mobile application with a collection of cocktail recipes for you to enjoy.

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Project Overview MixIt

The task was to create a user-friendly app for two platforms with a unique design and the ability to manage all content from an admin panel. All recipes are available for free, with some additional functionality accessible through a subscription.

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Introduction Video


5 months


8 tools



Result: Application for IOS and Android, Admin panel for managing them.

Total time: 1200 hours

Total cost: $28,000

Project Timeline Stages

The time for implementation was quite limited, and we made the decision to expedite the process by expanding our team in order to meet the deadlines set by the client.


Information Architecture Structure

The primary structure of the app depicted below explains that the application has quite extensive functionality and includes not only cocktail recipes and preparation processes. The app also features ingredient functionality, allowing users to filter recipes based on the ingredients they currently have in their bar.


Wireframes Process

The first thing we started with, after understanding the project structure, was the development of UX wireframes/prototypes. This was a challenging task because there were no similar projects in the online space.

UI elements Design

The next step in line was the creation of a UI component system and the implementation of design concepts. Design is the user's first impression of the application, so we didn't have a chance to do anything poorly.


Colors Palette

Usually, the primary colors of an app are chosen based on the logo. However, in our case, the logo was created after the app was already completed. So, we had to get creative and experiment, and these are the final colors we settled on.


Iconography Icon set

We've crafted a distinctive set of icons tailored specifically for our cocktail preparation mobile app. Our team dedicated meticulous attention to detail in designing these icons to seamlessly align with the app's aesthetic and purpose. These icons are not only visually appealing but also enhance the overall user experience, enriching the journey of crafting delightful cocktails.


Design MixIt

Below, you can see a small portion of the screens used in this project. You may notice that the design has its own unique style and characteristics. However, we successfully implemented everything that was envisioned during the design phase. It was a significant challenge, especially when developing a custom application.

Result Business

The result of our work is a fast and user-friendly application that helps numerous users around the world create and taste drinks from different countries. The client is satisfied, and we continue to work on further improvements.