Prana is a versatile application designed to manage recuperators effortlessly. Control multiple devices seamlessly from your mobile device.

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Project Overview PRANA

Our goal was to develop an intuitive mobile app compatible with various recuperator models. The app allows users to remotely adjust settings, monitor air quality, and schedule ventilation cycles. Integration with multiple devices posed a challenge, but our team ensured a seamless user experience.

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5 months


8 tools



Result: Control multiple devices seamlessly from your mobile device.

Total time: 1000 hours

Total cost: $30,000

Project Timeline Stages

We adhered to a tight schedule, leveraging teamwork and streamlined communication to meet project milestones promptly. The collaboration between our developers and designers was instrumental in the timely delivery of the fully functional Prana app.


Information Architecture Structure

The app's structure encompasses user-friendly interfaces for controlling individual or grouped recuperators. Users can access real-time data, set personalized preferences, and receive notifications. The intuitive layout ensures a hassle-free experience, enhancing user engagement.


Colors Palette

We adopted a color scheme that exuded sophistication and reliability. Neutral tones and subtle accents were chosen to convey a sense of control and trust. The chosen colors complemented the app's purpose, fostering a sense of calmness and ease of use for the users.


Icons Icon set

We've meticulously designed a versatile set of icons exclusively tailored for our air purifier management mobile app. Each icon is thoughtfully crafted to seamlessly integrate with the app's aesthetic and purpose. These visually appealing icons not only enhance the overall user experience but also contribute to the efficient and intuitive control of air purifiers, making the app a breeze to navigate.


Components Elements

Developing a cohesive UI component system was pivotal. We meticulously designed interface elements, ensuring consistency across different devices and screen sizes. Every element, from buttons to icons, was thoughtfully crafted to enhance usability and aesthetic appeal.


Design Creation


The app's design marries functionality with elegance. Customized icons and visually appealing layouts were developed, enhancing the overall user experience. Our team overcame challenges, ensuring the design met both aesthetic standards and the app's practical requirements.

Results Business

The culmination of our efforts resulted in Prana Control, an application that simplifies the management of recuperators for users. Its intuitive interface and robust features have garnered positive feedback, establishing Prana as a trusted choice for users seeking efficient home ventilation solutions. Our client's satisfaction is a testament to our dedication and expertise.


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