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Monobrand is a comprehensive application and website designed to enhance the gas station experience. It offers seamless services and features, making refueling and related tasks effortless.

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Project Overview MONOBRAND

Our objective was to create a user-centric platform for gas station services. Monobrand combines a user-friendly mobile app and website, allowing customers to locate stations, access real-time fuel prices, and make secure payments. The platform also integrates loyalty programs and offers personalized recommendations to enhance customer engagement.

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Introduction Video


12 months


10 tools



Result: App for convenient fuel expense management and discounts.

Total time: 2000 hours

Total cost: $55,000

Project Timeline Stages

Meeting deadlines was paramount, prompting a collaborative approach within our team. Efficient project management ensured the timely development and integration of features. The coordination between developers, designers, and QA experts enabled the successful launch of the Monobrand.


Information Architecture Structure

The platform's architecture revolves around intuitive interfaces. Users can easily locate nearby stations, view available fuel types, and check amenities. The app's seamless integration with payment gateways and loyalty systems enhances user convenience, making it a one-stop solution for all fuel-related needs.


Colors Palette

The color palette was chosen to evoke trust and reliability. Warm, inviting tones were used to create a welcoming atmosphere. Subtle contrasts and strategic color placements enhance readability and highlight essential features, ensuring a visually pleasing and functional design.


Icons Icon set

We've crafted a purposeful set of icons designed exclusively for our fuel expense and discount management mobile app. Each icon is meticulously created to seamlessly integrate with the app's aesthetic and functionality. These visually engaging icons not only enhance the overall user experience but also contribute to the ease of managing fuel expenses and discounts, making the app an intuitive tool for financial control and savings.


Components Elements

Consistency and clarity were our guiding principles when designing UI elements. We crafted a visually appealing interface that aligns with the brand identity. From interactive maps to secure payment interfaces, every element was designed to instill confidence and facilitate smooth interactions for users.


Design Creation


Our design approach aimed to balance aesthetics and functionality. Striking a harmonious blend, we created a visually appealing platform that prioritizes user experience. Attention to detail, from iconography to layout, resulted in a polished design that resonates with users, fostering brand loyalty and positive interactions

Results Business

Monobrand stands as a testament to our dedication to crafting seamless digital experiences. The platform's user-friendly interfaces, coupled with robust functionalities, redefine the gas station experience. Users appreciate the convenience and efficiency Monobrand offers, making it a preferred choice for fuel-related services. Our client's satisfaction reinforces our commitment to delivering excellence.


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