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This is an application for internal communication within the RWS Bank company. The core functionality of the app is task management.

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Project Overview TaskMe

The primary goal of developing the application was to create an internal, corporate tool for RWS Bank that would help optimize internal processes. The extensive functionality of the app includes communication and document exchange, as well as task management, similar to Jira's functionality.

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Introduction Video


18 months


5 tools



Result: App for IOS and Android, task manager for corporate use.

Total time: 2000 hours

Total cost: $45,000

Project Timeline Stages

This is probably one of the largest applications for our company. If I'm not mistaken, it took 18 months to develop. Therefore, there were significantly more processes than what we show in the timeline. The team varied at different times, but around 8 individuals were involved each month.


Information Architecture Structure

The main objective of this project was to establish the project's structure, as it involved a variety of roles and access levels to specific functionalities. Additionally, we developed a web version of the application with extended functionality compared to the mobile app.


Colors Palette

The colors were predetermined, as this application serves as an information system for an already established and powerful business. Therefore, we used the colors specified in the company's corporate branding.


Icons Icon set

Icons are one of the crucial components of any interface. We made the decision to use linear icons to add simplicity to the application's interface. Additionally, towards the end of the project, we designed the main app icon, which is associated with messages and completed tasks.


Components Elements

We have created special elements for our program that add a unique touch to it. Our team dedicated time and effort to seamlessly integrate these elements into the design and functionality of the project. Each element has been carefully crafted to enhance user interaction and serve its purpose. These custom elements set our program apart and leave a memorable impression on our users.


Design Creation


Our design has significantly improved team collaboration, task assignment, and communication, making it easier for everyone to work together towards our goals.

Results Business

As a result of this work, we have created a large system that requires continuous support and monitoring. During the development process, as in any project, we identified many bugs, but we addressed them and covered the core part of the application with automated tests. This allows us to respond quickly to incidents that may arise during usage.


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