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Saltycoin is an innovative application that rewards users with cryptocurrency for physical activity. Every step taken translates into a digital coin, empowering users to earn and spend their crypto earnings on various goods and services.

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Project Overview SALTYCOIN

Our mission was to create a unique app that seamlessly merges physical activity with cryptocurrency. Crypto Saltycoin Tracker accurately tracks steps, converts them into Saltycoins, and offers a marketplace for users to spend their earnings. The app encourages a healthier lifestyle while providing a tangible benefit in the form of digital currency.

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Introduction Video


6 months


8 tools



Result: App for manage and exchange Saltycoin cryptocurrency.

Total time: 2500 hours

Total cost: $55,000

Project Timeline Stages

Time efficiency was crucial to deliver a timely solution. Our team adopted agile methodologies, allowing for iterative development and quick adaptation to user feedback. Regular sprints and constant communication ensured the app's features were developed, tested, and refined within the specified timeframe.


Information Architecture Structure

The app's architecture revolves around a user-centric approach. Clear dashboards display step counts, earned Saltycoins, and available rewards. Users can explore the marketplace, view transaction history, and customize their profiles. The intuitive layout encourages active engagement, making the app accessible to users of all ages and backgrounds.


Colors Palette

The color palette was chosen to inspire motivation and positivity. Vibrant hues of blue and green evoke a sense of energy and well-being, encouraging users to stay active. The color scheme enhances the app's visual appeal, creating an uplifting atmosphere that resonates with users pursuing their fitness goals.


Icons Icon set

We've created a unique set of icons that perfectly suit our project. Our team has meticulously designed these icons to align with the project's aesthetic and purpose. They enhance the user experience and visually enrich our project.


Components Elements

UI elements were designed for simplicity and functionality. Clear typography, intuitive icons, and responsive layouts enhance usability. The app's color scheme reflects energy and positivity, reinforcing the app's motivational aspect. Seamless navigation and visually appealing elements contribute to an engaging user experience.


Design Creation


ur design approach aimed to motivate and inspire users. Engaging visuals, motivational quotes, and dynamic animations were integrated to create an encouraging environment. The app's design not only facilitates step tracking but also serves as a source of motivation, empowering users to embrace a healthier lifestyle while earning valuable cryptocurrency rewards.

Results Business

Crypto Saltycoin is a testament to our commitment to merging technology, fitness, and finance. The app empowers users to lead healthier lives while earning digital rewards. The positive feedback from users highlights the app's impact, motivating individuals to stay active and engaged. Our client's vision of a transformative application has been realized, reaffirming our dedication to creating innovative and impactful solutions.


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